Unifying Multichannel Publishing with a Master Content Model at Mayo Clinic

This session will demonstrate how Mayo Clinic (mayoclinic.org) and [A] (simplea.com) harness content engineering and intelligent content best practices to unify and orchestrate content among dozens of content repositories housed in multiple silos to position Mayo as a market-leading creator and distributor of trusted health guidance and information. Attendees will learn how, by using a Master Content Model (MCM), the joint Mayo Clinic and [A] team enables standards for authoring, management, and publishing from multiple sources through to many consumption channels including enabling a new approach to content syndication and licensing.

Attendee takeaways:

  • How Mayo Clinic and [A] leveraged content engineering disciplines to build a solution framework for the development and management of intelligent, semantically-rich, content optimized for delivery via content APIs.
  • A walk through the Master Content Model (MCM) development, including reviewing the content lifecycle process models and highlighting the roles of different content types plus their representative states.
  • An understanding of the challenges facing knowledge and content-rich organizations, and the benefits of building a Master Content Model (MCM).
  • Overview of targeted outcomes including: optimized shared resources via a standard structure for all content assets; movement of assets easily between business units, applications, and published products; content asset reuse; ability to build new information products assembled from existing content assets; and content assets designed for chatbots and other AI-assisted support tools.

Tools & Technology
Location: Marche 1 Date: March 22, 2018 Time: 9:30 am - 10:15 am Jay Maxwell Cruce Saunders