Preparing for ICC 2018: A Timely Lesson in AI and Machine Learning

What is AI? What is machine learning? I heard one of the best definitions when listening to a recent episode of Taking Note, An Evernote podcast. Before his SXSW 2018 presentation, Anirban Kundu, Evernote’s CTO, sat down with podcast host Forrest Bryant.

Says Kundu: AI is “The point at which machines don’t have be told explicitly what to do to be able to do them. Machines to begin to behave like humans for certain functions. It doesn’t have to happen for all functions in one shot, but being able to do it in certain categories of things. Machine learning happens to be a specific subset of AI that uses statistics as a way to infer commonalities that exist in the patterns of what people do or how people interact with something, or even the actions that people perform in a certain thing. it’s finding those insights based on a tremendous amount of data and inferring from that data.

“In the past machine learning has been more focused on where humans have had to tell machines, “Hey, I want you to look at these categories of things.” But even that is beginning to essentially reduce it in terms of its importance with technologies like deep learning getting into the equation. So, we’re getting closer to AI becoming a full-fledged idea where it can make our lives tremendously better.

“AI is basically the form where Machines can solve problems that we don’t explicitly have to ask them to.”

Take a listen to the last 22 minutes of this podcast to hear this great conversation. Some great examples on how AI is helping us today – spam filters in emails, Alexa and voice search and much more.

While I could have transcribed this entire podcast because I learned so much, I was particularly fascinated by this closing statement from Kundu:

“How do we democratize machine learning and a how do we make it available not just as something that is sci-fi based or in the tech sector? How do you make it available in every facet of our lives? Because I believe that it has an opportunity to reduce a lot of the regular rigor that people have in their lives to a significant degree.”

As we prepare for Intelligent Content Conference 2018, this conversation for AI made me look forward to our big event next week at the Future of Content bootcamp. Check out this amazing agenda:

This session will address next generation content strategies such as AI/machine learning and VR. The bootcamp will consist of two presentations covering the myths, challenges, and real opportunities around these much-hyped technologies.

9:30am-10:30am – Session Sponsored by Acrolinx

The Art and Science of Being Deliberate: Making Content Governance Active
Andrew Bredenkamp, Founder and CEO, Acrolinx @abredenkamp

In this workshop, we’re going to talk about content governance. But it’s different than what you might expect. Governance gets a bad reputation for being restrictive. But for the purpose of this workshop, we’ll look at it through the content owner’s eyes. Restrictive practices are really just frameworks for success.

The session will:

  • Explain governance, and place a bet. Attendees that don’t think they practice content governance will leave with a new view on the topic.
  • Illustrate what being deliberate can do to improving the overall content governance approach, which will lead to a new term for most: Active Content Governance.
  • Talk about how to achieve Active Content Governance. Because by this point in the session, you’re going to be excited about Active Content Governance, and you’re going to want to start adding pieces of it to your process immediately.
  • Tell a story. But not a made-up story. This is a true story about Maurice. And a way to leverage AI to improve both the governance process Maurice manages, as well as the end-to-end content creation process.

At the end of this session, you will be ready to take your content program to the next level.

11:00am – 12:30pm

How to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing
Paul Roetzer, Founder & CEO, PR 20/20 and Founder, Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute @paulroetzer

Artificial intelligence has reached peak hype stage, but is it possible that its potential to transform marketing, and your career, is even greater than advertised? Go beyond the splashy headlines to explore a framework that makes AI approachable and actionable for every marketer. AI can be your competitive advantage. It can give you superpowers. But, you have to know how to get started. This session walks you through the 5P’s of AI model and presents a collection of use cases and technologies to make your marketing more (artificially) intelligent.

  • Explore how AI is augmenting marketers’ knowledge and capabilities, and altering consumer expectations for brand experiences.
  • Discover the 5P’s of marketing AI: planning, production, promotion, personalization and performance.

Learn about the AI-powered marketing technology companies that are enabling a more intelligent future.

In the meantime, listen to Evernote’s podcast! I’m a big fan of the entire podcast, but this particular episode was particularly valuable before ICC. Also, check out CMI’s latest ebook based on Paul Roetzer’s CMWorld 2018 session on artificial intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Content: A Guide for Marketers from Content Marketing Institute

And then…register for Intelligent Content Conference 2018! There’s still time! Use code BLOG100 for $100 off your registration. We really hope to see you next week!