Public call for presenters is now CLOSED

Awesome speakers, panelists, and instructors wanted!

We’re looking for seasoned professionals—folks who are not only experienced in the field of intelligent content, but who are also top-notch storytellers and speakers—to provide case study and topic-based presentations, and participate in panel discussions about intelligent content, digital publishing, mobile computing, and other information management topics of interest to professionals who create content at their organizations or for their clients.

The high quality of our presenters, panelists, and workshop instructors help to differentiate the Intelligent Content Conferences from all others. Our conferences are highly-focused, well-respected, intimate, educational events designed to help attendees learn about the topics, standards, methods and technologies utilized today to enable intelligent content solutions. It’s not a tools conference, nor a sales-pitch-laden marketing-fest. As such, we are extremely selective about our presenters and their presentation topics.

Although the bulk of our presentation and workshop slots are filled by invitation, each year we open a public call for presenters designed to help us uncover “diamonds in the rough”—presenters and instructors that have somehow flown under our radar; folks that belong on the roster at Intelligent Content.

If you’re an excellent presenter who has seen, first hand, the types of business value that intelligent content can deliver, we want to hear from you! If you have personally worked to help an organization overcome complex content challenges—and had to balance investment against the rate at which concrete returns can be realized—we want to hear from you.

ICC 2018 Call for Presenters is now CLOSED.


Content that is “intelligent” is not limited to one purpose, technology or output. It is structurally rich and semantically aware, and is discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable and adaptable.  It is ultimately one of the most strategic assets that a company can have.

The ICC is an event designed for the practitioners of “intelligent content”. This includes content strategists, content marketers, marketing technologists, content managers, technical editors/writers and all of the people who support content as a strategic asset of the business. Our call for presenters covers the following topics that speak to Intelligent content as a strategic communications business asset:

  • Adaptive content / personalization
  • Agile methodology
  • Content audits and inventories
  • Content reuse
  • Examples of exceptional customer experience and content
  • Governance
  • Mobile
  • Personas / understanding your audience
  • Scaling and operationalizing content
  • Search and discovery (including taxonomy, metadata)
  • Structured content, content models
  • Translation and localization
  • UI/UX

What are we looking for in 2018?

  • Seasoned professionals, who are not only experienced in the field of content strategy, but are also top-notch storytellers and speakers who can help marketing professionals improve their efforts.
  • Case studies, measurable outcomes, specific how-to sessions that have immediate takeaways for attendees.


Presentation proposals should focus on a particular topic, methodology, or concept and must be directly related to principles involved in creating, managing and delivering intelligent content for organizations. Preference will be given to presentations that incorporate elements from real-world projects (examples, simulations, illustrations) that help attendees understand the focus of the presentation, why it was needed, how it works, and how it relates directly to intelligent content.

Note: Presentations about software and services from vendors are not accepted as part of the call for presentations. If you are interested in demonstrating software or talking about services your company offers, contact Peter Loibl to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Case study proposals should focus on how an organization used intelligent content principles to solve a particular problem. They should be presented by an individual that works for the organization that is the focus of the case study. Case studies should explore the challenge being solved, the solution, tips, tricks, and lessons learned. The goal is to provide information of value that attendees can use to replicate your success in their organization.

Panel proposals should be designed around a central theme with each panelist contributing to the presentation either via a series of questions, successive presentations, or interactive discussions.



To be considered, create a profile and submit your presentation proposal.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

You will need:

  • Complete contact information for each presenter, instructor, or panelist— physical mailing address, email address, daytime phone number, mobile phone number, Twitter handle, LinkedIn URL, blog URL, website URL
  • 30-100 word biography; short — who you are, what you do (do not include URLs or contact information in the biography)
  • Relevant and descriptive presentation title to help people to understand the content of your presentation.
  • Detailed session description that describes in detail what the session is about and specifically what attendees will learn (to be used on the event website and in email marketing campaigns).
  • Example speaking video

Last day to submit: August 18, 2017

Presenter selection announced: Late September 2017

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Questions please email but no submissions will be accepted via email.