Andrea Ames Keynote: You Mean You Don’t Have to Start Over Every Time?

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 1.52.16 PMFor those of us producing content on a daily or weekly basis, the thought of “working smarter, not harder” sounds like something I want to discuss right this minute.

Lucky for our Intelligent Content Conference 2016 attendees, Andrea Ames will be here to talk to us Wednesday morning about this very topic, with a case study disguised as an exciting keynote on IBM’s technical content practice.

Is your typical approach to new marketing project to start from scratch? Are you under the gun to do more and more with less time and fewer resources? And are you feeling the pain of that “start from scratch” process considering the current demands on you and your time? This is your invitation to get a peek into the technical content practitioner’s playbook and learn some post-sales content secrets to apply to your pre-sales content projects. You might think technical content folks are geeky recluses who transcribe dry specs and have nothing to share with marketing. This keynote will change your mind and open communication with those technical folks across the aisle.

If you don’t know Andrea L. Ames, she an is a Senior Technical Staff Member and Enterprise Content Experience Strategist/Architect/Designer at IBM, where she enables strategic use of IBM’s high-value content assets for the most client delight and success and highest business impact. You can read the rest of her bio on her ICC speaker page and can find her on Twitter at @aames

During Andrea’s keynote, we’ll be compiling questions for Andrea from questions tweeted using the #intelcontent hashtag. After her presentation, Joe Pulizzi will sit with Andrea to discuss some of our attendee questions. While many questions will stem from topics and points from Andrea’s presentation, we welcome you to include some questions here in the comments that we can mix in with the live tweets.

And…if you still haven’t heard enough from Andrea after her amazing keynote, we invite attendees to join her for her morning breakout session that Wednesday on measuring the effectiveness of content!

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