Content Strategy for the Enterprise Marketer – The Marketer’s Approach to a Technical Challenge

As a marketer, the digital transformation and the focus on scaling content as a function often seems overwhelming. As you look into content strategy challenges such as governance, workflows, taxonomies, user experience and all the technologies that help content flow throughout your business it can seem like a complicated soup that’s best left to the specialists.

But this is an extremely important part of your business and – whether it’s you or a colleague – you need to understand how to make the best business decisions. So, let’s peel back the jargon, and get into the real challenges for developing a content strategy that will make sense for your business.

This workshop is designed to help the Enterprise Marketer understand

  • what aspects of a content strategy come first,
  • what do governance and workflow structures even look like, and why they’re important
  • how to approach content – re-use
  • how to look at technology, what are the frameworks of a content audit and why that’s even important

This is not a Content Strategy 101 workshop. Rather, this is a workshop where we look at the important work of Content Strategy through the eyes of Enterprise Marketing. It’s everything you’ve wanted to know about content strategy, but were afraid to ask.

Walk away with a core understanding of where your organization is, and the next steps you might take back in order to build a scalable content strategy for marketing.

Location: Molise 1-3 Date: March 28, 2017 Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm Robert Rose
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