Justify Your Trip

mresortDo you need to get approval from your company to attend Intelligent Content Conference 2017? We want to help you.

We’ve heard from attendees that management needs some help understanding why they want to return to another conference, return to the SAME event, and many other variations of this theme. While we are on the same page with you on why you would like to attend, sometimes it’s just not as easy to convey your thoughts to others.

We’re here to help. We put together some details to help you receive approval from your manager. First off, Intelligent Content Conference 2017 is:

  • The 9th annual Intelligent Content Conference – we’ve proven our success and niche in the marketplace, and learn more and become more “intelligent” each year.
  • Held in Las Vegas, NV, USA, a city seemingly built for events!
  • Speakers and sessions geared around all aspects and levels of intelligent content.
  • We’ve also included the attached Word document we’ve prepared to help you justify your trip. Fill in the missing areas to personalize the letter, and you’re all set. Download the Justify your Trip letter.

How else can we help you? Let us know at info [at] contentinstitute.com.

Don’t forget to connect with us well before the event! Follow us on Facebook, or Twitter. You can also follow the #intelcontent hashtag to keep up-to-date on the event!

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